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We enable our partner training centres to speak directly to individuals and companies who are looking for skills training. From renewing qualifications to up skilling for career opportunities, or providing training programmes for employers, as a partner training centre your courses are linked directly to your future learners.

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Why Tradegraft?

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    Promote your courses direct to operators

    Finding and contacting potential students is haphazard and expensive through most forms of online advertising. Tradegraft targets your advertising directly to people who need to recertify and to people who have expressed an interest in your qualifications.

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    Promote your courses to other companies

    Effective advertising for B2B sales is complicated and expensive. Tradegraft allows you to offer your courses directly to the businesses and projects in your area.

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    Encourage upskilling and offer supplementary courses

    Solving the industry skills shortage is something that we all contribute to. Direct marketing of your courses to operators and companies through Tradegraft helps to address this issue and encourages upskilling.

Our manifesto

Technology is the key to construction. From the Pyramids to HS2, great projects have always required great ingenuity and, most importantly, the right tool for the job.

Tradegraft uses digital technology for the benefit of everyone. We are committed to joining up skills, jobs and training opportunities as quickly, easily and seamlessly as possible, and to improving our members’ lives and business. Simply put, we believe in technology for good.

High quality training, delivering both skills to workers and the ability to offer them reskilling and upskilling opportunities, is key to the technological progression of the construction industry and the success of each member of the workforce.

The precision required in training should be matched to an equal level of precision in reaching out to those requiring training. The construction industry’s digital transformation now extends to the recruitment of new learners, apprentices and trainees through Tradegraft.

Tradegraft is a unique platform which allows you, as a training centre, to present your training course and opportunities directly to the people who need them, in the space where learners can enter the industry and where workers manage their skills’ portfolios.

Training opens the door to work and you, as a training centre, can also use Tradegraft to close the circle and find work for the skilled workforce that you are training. This is a unique chance to offer an end-to-end opportunity for your learners’ journey, through training, into work.

From spades to excavators, from horses to engines, technology is always improving. Tradegraft is the next digital step in making work, employment and training more effective and more efficient.

Tradegraft is the right tool for the job, right now.

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