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Tradegraft matches you with your perfect job based on the tickets you already hold. Let us do the hard work so you can take your hard work to the site.

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Why Tradegraft?

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    Job matches that are based on your tickets

    Why should you be the one filtering by ticket type when hunting for jobs? Tradegraft takes care of that for you and only matches you with jobs that you are already qualified for.

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    You decide how far you want to travel to work

    Gone are the days where prospective employers can ask you to walk 500 miles for a three day job. With Tradegraft you can set your own travel limit and see only jobs in that area.

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    Want to upskill? We can help you retrain

    Our job search engine will let you know where there are training courses in the area that might suit your existing areas of expertise and hook you up with a suitable training provider.

Our manifesto

Technology is key to construction. From the Pyramids to HS2, great projects have always required great ingenuity and, most importantly, the right tool for the job.

Tradegraft uses digital technology for the benefit of everyone. We are committed to joining up skills, jobs and training opportunities as quickly, easily and seamlessly as possible, and to improving our members' lives and businesses. Simply put, we believe in technology for good.

Our unique platform brings efficiency to the most important element of any project, the people who do the work.

By understanding your skills, your work experience and your ambitions, Tradegraft helps you to work efficiently, earn more and access better work and training opportunities.

Tradegraft saves time and money for employers, talking directly to the skilled workers that companies need means that everyone works more efficiently, knows where they need to be and what they need to do. Administration is reduced and site safety is improved with the minimum of fuss and the maximum benefit to everyone.

Skills are the key driver of the construction industry. Tradegraft addresses your targets and your skills requirements through our partner organisations, encouraging reskilling, upskilling and investment in training .

From spades to excavators, from horses to engines, technology is always improving. Tradegraft is the next digital step in making work, employment and training more effective and more efficient.

Tradegraft is the right tool for the job, right now.

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